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Screen time before bed is bad for children
8th November - "Easier"
How difficult is it to stop children watching TV, tablets or mobile phones before bedtime?
Australia broadband network under attack from birds
6th November - "Harder"
What damage can animals and birds do to the Internet?
Hong Kong's poor live in homes smaller than prison cells
4th November - "Easier"
How much space do you need to live in?
New Zealand to ban foreign home buyers
2nd November - "Harder"
Should non-residents be allowed to buy houses in your country?
Japanese school 'forces girl to dye hair black'
31st October - "Easier"
Should we all stick to our natural hair colour?
Australian Deputy PM disqualified over dual citizenship
29th October - "Harder"
What is wrong with having dual citizenship?
UAE will train a million people in coding
27th October - "Easier"
How important is it to learn computer coding?
China ends ban on smelly cheese
25th October - "Harder"
Why is cheese so popular?
Pollution is the world's biggest killer
23rd October - "Easier"
How can we reduce pollution levels?
Big rise in self-harm among girls
21st October - "Harder"
How can we help young girls through their stressful teenage years?
Potato shortage causes 'chipocalypse'
19th October - "Easier"
How important are potato chips (crisps) to you?
World's 'most useless' airport opens
17th October - "Harder"
What's your favourite airport?
Baby talk is a world language
15th October - "Easier"
How good are you at baby talk?
Women stranded at airport after cosmetic surgery
13th October - "Harder"
Would you ever have cosmetic surgery?
Study finds why children don't eat their greens
11th October - "Easier"
How can we get children to eat their greens?
Airline boss promises pilots bonus to keep flying
9th October - "Harder"
Would you like to be an airline pilot?
Nobel chemistry prize for molecule photos
7th October - "Easier"
What do you think of Nobel Prize winners?
Catalonia workers strike for independence
5th October - "Harder"
Should Catalonia have its independence?
Austria bans full-face veils
3rd October - "Easier"
Should people be allowed to wear what they want in public?
Carrying the shopping makes over-65s stronger
1st October - "Harder"
Should we go shopping more to be fitter?

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