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Academic Dishonesty




Good description and further resources.



Great collection of readings and exercises on Academic Dishonesty written by ESL students around the world.


Preventing Academic Dishonesty

Good advice from Tools For on how to prevent academic dishonesty.


Academic Plagiarism Rules and ESL/EFL Learning: Mutually Exclusive Concepts?

Excellent 17-page academic article by Kathryn E. McDonnell (2003).


Best Practices in Preventing Academic Dishonesty

Excellent tips.


Tips For Handling Technology Enhanced Cheating

22 ways of deterring "technology enhanced academic dishonesty".


Plagiarism, Cheating and Academic Dishonesty - Have you been there?

"An attempt will be made to look at approaches to encourage and promote original cognition, quality research and academic honesty."


Academic Dishonesty (Or "We Need to Talk")

Excellent description of academic dishonesty and why it happens.


Understanding and Reducing Academic Misconduct

"With respect to language, research suggests that some ESL students experience difficultly writing in a manner that is free of plagiarism." An article by JC Hughes, B Christian, J Dayman, J Kaufman, N Schmidt (2002).


Academic Dishonesty Among College Students

Article on academic dishonesty.


Plagiarism, Chinese Learners and Western Convention

This article explores the issue of plagiarism from the perspective of Chinese students studying in a UK higher education institution.


Ethics and Distance Education: Strategies for Minimizing Academic Dishonesty in Online Assessment

This paper discusses ethics and student assessment, as applicable to the growing field of distance education. In particular, this paper discusses strategies for minimizing academic dishonesty in online student assessment. By Dr. Melissa R. Olt.


Plagiarism Across the Curriculum: How Academic Communities Can Meet the Challenge of the Undocumented Writer

Excellent analysis of what plagiarism is, with ideas on how to reduce it. By Jonathan Hall


Implementing plagiarism policy in the internationalised university

This paper reports on the findings from interviews with 14 academic staff members from 10 Australian universities regarding the implementation of student plagiarism policies,particularly in relation to international English as a Second Language (ESL) students. By Tracey Bretag.


An Analysis of On-line Student Plagiarism Prevention Guidelines at British Universities

The present study, which was undertaken from February 2004 onwards, analyses the official guidelines on plagiarism which British universities and higher education colleges provide for their students. By Nadezhda Yakovchuk.


Evaluating an electronic plagiarism detection service

The importance of trust and the difficulty of proving students don't cheat. A short article by Robert Evans (Cardiff School of Social Sciences)


Student plagiarism in an online world: problems and solutions

A 294-page book on Google Books. Fantastic information on plagiarism.


Building a Culture of Academic Integrity

"Building a Culture of Academic Integrity:The Role of Communication in Creating and Changing Understandings and Enactments of Academic Integrity - A doctotal dissertation from Dr. Melissa A. Broeckelman-Post.


Perspectives on Plagiarism in the ESL/EFL Classroom

Debate and thoughts on plagiarism in ESL/EFL classes via the TESL-EJ (Electronic Journal).


Academic Dishonesty, Cheating, and Plagiarism

Excellent 26-page document on plagiarism and cheating by Lars R. Jones, Robert Taylor, Sharon Irvin and Leslie Faircloth.


Academic Integrity & Cheating

Lots of information on academic dishonesty, with FAQs.


Heroes Don't Cheat

An examination of academic dishonesty and students' views on why professors don't report cheating. By Sara Staats, Julie M. Hupp, Heidi Wallace and Jamee Gresley.


Plagiarism, Cheating and Academic Dishonesty Have you Been There?

This paper examines academic dishonesty. The authors state that "it has never been easier to cheat and that the internet provides a platform for the wholesale copying and plagiarizing of data". Includes suggestions for preventing academic dishonesty.


Cheating in Academic Institutions: A Decade of Research

This article reviews 1 decade of research on cheating in academic institutions, with suggestions for managing cheating from students' and faculty members' perspectives. By Donald L. McCabe, Linda Klebe Treviño and Kenneth D. Butterfield.


Cheating, Academic Dishonesty and Honor Code Policy

Research on motivations behind cheating with one solution to prevent it being an honor code.


Academic Integrity and Dishonesty

Short article on academic dishonesty.


College Cheating Is Bad for Business

"56 percent of the graduate business students and 47 percent of the non-business graduate students admitted to cheating one or more times in the past year."


What's wrong with cheating?

A short article explaining what cheating is and how to prevent it.


Plagiarism Stoppers: A Teacher's Guide

Places to go for help with student plagiarism, how to identify it, what to do when it happens, how to prevent it.


Center for Academic Integrity

A forum to identify, affirm, and promote the values of academic integrity among students, faculty, teachers and administrators.


Curbing Academic Dishonesty in Online Courses

This paper examines research into academic dishonesty in online courses, how to prevent cheating when online testing is done, how to detect and prevent plagiarism, how to design online courses to minimize academic dishonesty, and introduces several products and educational practices for preventing dishonesty in the online environment. By Anita M. Krsak


Preventing Academic Dishonesty: An Instructor's Guide

An Instructor's Guide. Promoting Academic Integrity.


General strategies for preventing academic dishonesty and plagiarism

From the University of Nottingham in the U.K.


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